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This month's check-in is a little longer than usual, so grab a cup of your favourite drink and a cosy seat to settle in. I'll keep this part brief so you can get to the good stuff. All I wanted to say is that I really love getting to connect with you all. Reading your replies and catching up with you makes my day. Thank you for taking the time to read and reach out. You rock!

With love

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Life after Death: Navigating Grief
Life after Death: Navigating Grief
Five years after the death of my mother, I felt called to reflect on how I coped in the face of this devastating loss. These reflections became a piece of writing that I am so proud to share. My hope is that it may serve those navigating their own losses. You can read the article on BreatheLove by clicking the button below.
What I've been up to

Many of us have a sense that the year is speeding by like a bullethow are we nearly at the halfway point? This is part of why I feel that regularly reflecting on what we're up to is so important. It helps us to see what we've made of the passing time and to properly acknowledge monumental momentslike this month when one of my oldest friends married the love of her life and I got to be there to celebrate; also when another of my dearest friends got engaged and we got to go wedding dress shopping; and when my mum-in-law marked another trip around the Sun and we got to spend the day treasure hunting at local yard sales.

To be on the same side of the pond for these events felt miraculous. The last nine years in London have meant missing some of the most important days in my loved ones' lives. Getting to celebrate with them in person has been a huge happiness, one for which I am incredibly grateful. 

As well as these super highs, this month has brought me some struggles around feelings of worthiness. At times, motivation comes with difficulty or not at all. For someone trying to break a lifelong link between self-worth and productivity, this can pose some problemsor is it opportunity? As I noticed unhelpful coping mechanisms cropping up this month, deep breaths helped. So did certain practices, including starting a nightly reading routine, taking spur-of-the-moment visits to the beach and having my first lucid dream (which was nothing short of mind blowingyou can listen to this Almost 30 episode to delve a little deeper into this topic).

What I was reminded of through it all is the zig-zagging nature of creativity, productivity, healing... of progress. Sometimes, even when it feels like we're at a stand-still or full-on moving in reverse, it's really just a matter of perspective: in reality, we're lightyears ahead of where we started. In reality, the sluggishness may actually be a message to take a pause or to get some perspective. So I made the choice to catch up with reality, to meet myself where I am and to accept the reminder that I'm not behind: I'm exactly on time. 

Here's a little more of what I got up to this month:

What are your April highlights? I'd love to hear what you loved about this month.
Don't be shy; click reply ;)

Astrology with Lauren
Astrology with Lauren
An astrology reading can serve as a deep dive into your inner workings, as was the case when I recently received one from Lauren Aronstam. Lauren is an expert whom I highly recommend if you're interested in learning about your own chart in depth. In addition to readings, she writes newsletters about significant astrological events, from the new and full moons to retrogrades and beyond. Lauren's words always give me a spark of resonance to inspire practices and adjustments that help me in the day-to-day and longer term. Her insights, whether they arrive in readings or through my inbox, are always ones of value. To peruse her blog, sign up for her newsletter or learn more about her offerings, visit her website by clicking the button below.
Take me to the moon

Got a passion, practice or something else you'd like to share with the community for creative, wellness or travel inspiration? Get in touch!

A forward glance...
Intention for the month: moment by moment

The words "moment by moment" have been coming to me a lot lately as a sort of mantra. In them, I find comfort in the face of overwhelm, as they encourage me to take a step back from what seems to be a mountain of tasks or challenges to gain new perspective on how I might move forward. At the same time, these words embody the state of focussed flow that feels so invigorating to reachbeing fully engrossed in the task at hand until preoccupations with the fear of wasting time disintegrate. All that exists is what's in front of me: what I'm creating, offering, healing or experiencing. For this reason, I'm making this returning whisper my intention for May.

I invite you to join me in navigating the month ahead moment by moment, maybe starting by journaling, meditating or simply reflecting on the prompts below. 

I would love to hear what your intention for May is and any insights that came up for you in this exercise. Share them with me by replying to this email.

What's up: classes, events and goings-on in the month ahead
  • Gentle Vinyasa on Sundays at 12:00 EST/17:00 BST: book through Down to Flow at Home; follow them on Instagram for wellbeing tips, travel inspiration and discount codes; use code Melanie50 for 50% off any of the Down to Flow classes.
Flow to restore
This 7-minute gentle vinyasa is a great way to take a proactive pause. It's also a sneak peek into what you can expect from my Sunday classes (details above).

Move with me
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