I’m Melanie Albright, a writer and artist whose work examines the human experience through an existential lens. Self-destructive behaviour, crises of identity, complicated relationships, loss, loneliness and altered realities often feature in my writing to aid explorations of love, meaning, responsibility and freedom.


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Midnight Mother

Short story

Overwhelmed with grief, a reclusive Eric gets an unexpected visit from his mother that further tests his ability to cope.

On the Way to Full

Short story

A disillusioned patient’s bond with her nurse brings hope as she struggles with diabulimia. The head psychiatrist, however, plans to snuff it out.

Spilt Milk

Flash fiction, published in Audience Askew

A middle-aged woman lies naked and alone in her paramour’s bed, stricken with existential regret. As she loses herself in reflection, her lover’s wife returns home.


Visual Art

Drawn to draw…

…eyes, big hair, women, flowers, animals, patterns.

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