How to Truly Embody Gratitude

Studies show the benefits of practising gratitude to be far-reaching, with positive effects on the body and mind as well as on individuals and groups alike. When we practise gratitude, we enjoy increased happiness, satisfaction and resilience, not to mention better sleep, immune system responses and even relationships. Therefore, consciously acknowledging what we are grateful for can lead to all-around …

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Just Breathe—But First: Check That You Know How (Free Breathing Exercise)

If you were asked whether you know how to breathe, your response would likely be a slightly confused, albeit conviction-filled, “Of course I know how to breathe!” What kind of question is that? you may ask yourself. What kind of question, indeed. To answer it meaningfully, let’s explore your breath as it is in your body right now. Start by …

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Past, Present and Purpose: Marie Richtsfeld’s Journey to the Akashic Records

Imagine if every one of your soul’s thoughts, ideas and actions from all time were not only documented, but readily accessible. Tapping into these chronicles could give you invaluable insight to better align with your higher self and purpose. Speaking from a lifetime of energetic sensitivity, Marie Richtsfeld tells me that such logs do indeed exist. I learn that they …

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