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Dearest Community

After a couple of months away, I must say: it's great to be back in your inbox. Since our last check-in, I've hopped back over the pond and enjoyed catching up with friends in London while also feeling more focussed and clearer as I settle back into my own space. There was a great deal that I got to enjoy by spending so much time in the US this year, a special treat for which I am truly grateful. 

Some highlights since last time include cruisin' with my cousin on a road trip from New Hampshire to visit friends in Upstate New York. Shortly after I returned to Florida, I had bridesmaid's duties to attend to for my best friend's weddingyes, another wedding, this one a last-minute surprise.

Oh, and there is the small matter of today's date, which happens to be Harry Potter's, but more importantly, my birthday! I celebrated with a viewing of one of my childhood favourites, The Wizard of Oz, homemade chocolate cake and a few other bits and pieces, including one that you can partake in (see below!).

With love

In this issue: My new YouTube Channel | What I've been up to | Shifting the Lens with Kemi Aofolaju August intention | What's up(coming) | 20-minute body scan and journalling exercise

Still from my first YouTube video.
Me, a YouTuber?!
I've been wanting to start a "proper" YouTube channel for quite some time, so, as a birthday gift to myself, I decided to do just that: my first video—on how I reconnected with myself after burnout—goes live on Wednesday! Celebrate with me by giving it a watch and, as we YouTubers say, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE :D

Special thanks to Mary and Chris for the amazing tripod that has been fabulous to film with.

What I've been up to

Here's a little more of what I got up to the last couple of months:

What have been some key moments for you these last few months? Reflecting on these is a great practice for gratitude, motivation and more. It can also be a great conversation starter! I'd love to learn what your big moments were: don't be shy; click reply!

Kemi radiates with personality and style as she poses in front of a all the wigs she's snatched.
Shifting the lens with Kemi Aofolaju
I was absolutely blown away to see a project that my best friend, Kemi, shared recently. A collaboration with Imperial College’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team, Kemi shared a little bit of her story and how her Nigerian culture has shaped her. As part of the project, there is an article, a video and some absolutely FIRE photos. Go check them out; you will not be disappointed.
Read Kemi's story...

Got a passion, practice or something else you'd like to share with the community for creative, wellness or travel inspiration? Get in touch!

A forward glance...
Intention for the month: get real

I’ve been doing a lot of work around meeting myself where I am, and it’s really paying off, especially in the form of a greater capacity for being kind to myself. Surprisingly to me, this actually helps me put my focus and attention where I need and want it to be⁠—for so long I thought that pushing myself was responsible for that, when in reality it just drew attention to the moments my focus drifted, which could send me into a spiral.

Inspired by this progress and a recent collective reading by @thefloridawitch, my intention for August is to “get real”. That means unplugging from the fantasy and potential that keeps dreams and desires stuck in my head and instead opting for real world action to bring them to life. In other words: less daydreaming about who I want to be and more embodying her right now.

I invite you to get real with me, perhaps starting by journaling, meditating or simply reflecting on the prompts below, either on your own or guided by this month's video.

I would love to hear what your intention for August is and any insights that came up for you in this exercise. Share them with me by replying to this email.

What's up: classes, events and goings-on in the month ahead
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Body scan + journalling
This 20-minute exercise starts with a quick body scan to check in with how you are in the present moment, followed by guided journalling to explore the interplay between reality and potential.
Ground with me
Journalling in Ubud's Pyramids of Chi.
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