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Dearest Community

Is it just me or are things starting to feel like they're beginning to move and groove again? What's more, that movement feels like a dance in the right direction. It feels good to breathe in some hope and optimism without doubting the operational integrity of our carbon monoxide detectors. No, we're not suffering oxygen deprivation-induced delusions—with COVID cases on the decline in the US and UK, and the sun shining to boot, we might just be reaching the end of this tunnel. 

Although we still have a way to go, this progress is worth celebrating. How will you treat yourself to some joy today? Maybe diving into a good read, calling a friend to catch up or getting out in the sunshine with a nature walk. Tune into your true desires and take time to fulfill them: you deserve it.

With love

In this issue: Visual art by Kate Fazio | What I've been up to | February favourites | March intention | Call for recommendations | What's up(coming) | In-the-moment meditation

Visual art by Kate Fazio
Visual art by Kate Fazio
Artist, yogi and herbalist Kate creates in different media, including film, photography, illustrations and beyond. Her passions shine through in her work, with plants and animals being common subjects. A strong style pairs well with subtle softness to give rise to a sense of holding space without the need to fill it, opening the door to emotions that may be lurking underneath the surface. Check out more of Kate's work on her website; be sure to click through to her YouTube for a vlog of plants, pets and French practice.
Kate's website

Got a passion, practice or something else you'd like to share with the community for creative, wellness or travel inspiration? Get in touch!

What I've been up to

February was a creatively inspiring and mentally grounding month. Getting to spend time with my cousin (the aforementioned artiste) in New Hampshire, I felt a deep sense of inner peace. Unleashing the child within, we went tubing, built a snowman and expressed our creative sides in a number of ways, from thrifting, having a photoshoot in a snow-covered forest and more. Here are some of my other highlights from the month:

What are your February highlights? I'd love to hear what you loved about this month. Don't be shy; click reply ;)

February favourites

Short watches: Alpay Efe's 5 Things I Wish I Knew as a Beginner Artist, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's How craving attention makes you less creative

Shows: Surviving DeathWandaVision

Movies: BooksmartI Care A Lot; Yes, God, Yes

Guilty pleasures: To All the Boys, Always and Forever (unbeknownst to me at the time of viewing, this is actually the final film in a series of three!); trying all of the flavours of kombucha I could get my hands on

A forward glance...
Intention for the month: focussed attention

I loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Ted Talk so much that it's inspired my intention for March: focussed or harnessed attention. It feels like the perfect follow-up to February's intention of grounding: now that I've found my feet, it's time to use them to move forward meaningfully. 

If you'd like to harness your own energy and attention, I invite you to journal, meditate or simply reflect on the prompts below. 

I would love to hear what your intention for March is and any insights that came up for you in this exercise. You can share them with me by replying to this email.

Call for recommendations: Helen of Troy
Call for recommendations: Helen of Troy
Got any Helen of Troy recommended reads or watches? I'm starting research for a new project and am diving deep into the face that launched a thousand ships. Drop me a line with your recommendations, and I'll be forever grateful.
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What's up: classes, events and goings-on in the month ahead
  • Unwind with me on Tuesdays at 14:00 EST/19:00 GMT: gentle flow to restore to meditate (book through Down to Flow at Home; follow them on Instagram for wellbeing tips, travel inspiration and discount codes); use code Melanie50 for 50% off any of the Down to Flow classes.
  • Pi Day promotions: book your first wellness service or package by the end of the day on Pi Day (14-March) and get 20% off; learn more about my yoga, reiki, and meditation offerings, including prices and concessions, over on my website.
  • Yard sale on 20th and 21st March: clothes, crafts, home decor and more; come see me, masked and from a safe distance, while potentially unearthing some buried treasure; 4681 78th Avenue North, Pinellas Park, 33781
In-the-moment meditation
Free 5-minute exercise to show you the power of taking a pause exactly when you need it—any time, any place.

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