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Dearest Community

It's our first official check-in of 2021. Welcome, and if it's not too late to say so: Happy New Year!

For some of you, especially those in the UK, I appreciate that this year has been somewhat of a false start as we continue feeling the implications of COVID. A common question I've been hearing and asking myself lately is how to maintain hope when there doesn't seem to be much to be hopeful for.

While the answer will differ for everyone, something that has helped me is to feel my feelings and think my thoughts. This may sound obvious, but it's less automatic than it seems. Many of us find comfort in denying negative feelings or thoughts, assuming they will go away. They won't: burying them only makes them grow stronger. To weed them out is to honour and process them; in doing so, we can often feel a lot better, a little closer to hope.

All of that is to say that whatever you're feeling right now is okay. Try not to shy away from it. Try not to get stuck in it. Try to remember that hope is more reliable when we grow it from the inside.

With love

In this issue: Website launch | What I've been up to... | Holding on and letting go | Photos by J P Shiver | February intention | What's up(coming) | Breathing for calm & clarity (breath exercise)

Website launch!
Website launch!
Sweat, tears and plug-ins galore, my new website is officially live. Give it a gander and let me know what you think.
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What I've been up to...
Holding on and letting go

Since our last check-in, when I was grounded in Bali, my life has transformed. One of the main reasons and results of this transformation is that I left my corporate job to prioritise my mental health andas clichéd as it soundsto follow my dreams.

In that departure, I learned lessons of holding on and letting go, which I wrote about in a recent blog post.

Having finally acted out of trust for myself rather than fear of the unknown, I feel better than I have in a long time. I know that releasing my white-knuckle grip on a job I had long outgrown has a lot to do with my improved mental health and mindset. Still, rather than regretting not leaving sooner, I will work towards instilling the trust of holding on and letting go in line with my needs and wants and hopes and dreams.

Have you found balance between holding on and letting go?

Let’s get connected and conversing: reply with your tips for building self-confidence and -trust that bolster you during times of major transitions.

More on this...
Photos by J P Shiver
Photos by J P Shiver
The first day of the New Year saw my best friend Jade and I out on the town for a COVID-safe, yoga-inspired photoshoot. The backdrops—street art and murals created by local artists—doubled as an homage to our hometown of St. Pete, FL. All of the photos in this email are courtesy of that fun-filled day, not to mention Jade's creative eye and talent. Check her out on Instagram.
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Got a hobby, practice or something else you'd like to share with the community for creative, wellness or travel inspiration? Get in touch!

A forward glance...
Intention for the month: grounding

Following a buzzing start to the New Year, during which I've felt pulled in multiple directions at once, my intention for February is grounding. This includes staying grounded in my own energy and mission as I continue to redefine my mindset around balancing and prioritising the different aspects of life.

I invite you to set an intention or even just a word for the month ahead. Don't overthink it: just shut your eyes and take a deep breath, letting the word come to you, noticing how it makes you feel and coming back to it now and again as you move through February.

If you'd like to join me in a little grounding work, try journalling, meditating or simply reflecting on the prompts below. 

I would love to hear what your intention for February is and any insights that came up for you in this exercise. You can share them with me by replying to this email.

What's up: classes, events and goings-on in the month ahead
  • Unwind with me on Tuesdays at 14:00 EST/19:00 GMT: gentle flow to restore to meditate (book through Down to Flow at Home; follow them on Instagram for wellbeing tips, travel inspiration and discount codes); use code Melanie50 for 50% off any of the Down to Flow classes.
Breathing for calm & clarity
Free 5-minute Nadi Shodhana exercise

Take a breather
Melanie practicing wild thing in front of a mural of painted Lego blocks forming a heart.
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