Moment by moment: May intention & journal prompts

The words “moment by moment” have been coming to me a lot lately as a sort of mantra. In them, I find comfort in the face of overwhelm, as they encourage me to take a step back from what seems to be a mountain of tasks or challenges to gain new perspective on how I might move forward. At the same time, these words embody the state of focussed flow that feels so invigorating to reach—being fully engrossed in the task at hand until preoccupations with the fear of wasting time disintegrate. All that exists is what’s in front of me: what I’m creating, offering, healing or experiencing. For this reason, I’m making this returning whisper my intention for May.

I invite you to join me in navigating the month ahead moment by moment, maybe starting by journaling, meditating or simply reflecting on the prompts below.

I would love to hear what your intention for May is and any insights that came up for you in this exercise. Share them with me in the comments below.