Gut Movin’: Exercising to Support Digestive Health, written for Flow Culture Studio

Exercising has a wide range of benefits, from giving us a sense of structure and accomplishment to improving our mood and beyond. One of the key benefits of regular physical activity is that it aids digestion, a vital process that allows us to absorb nutrients and water to support our bodies’ functionality and health. A healthy digestive system leads to heightened mental clarity, increased energy and greater immunity to illness, along with many other contributions to our physical and mental wellbeing.

According to the NHS, which advises daily physical activity, a person’s weight and exercise habits are two key factors that can impact their digestive health. Staying active helps to maintain a healthy weight while reducing the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. It safeguards against not only bloating and constipation, but more severe digestive system-related ailments, like cancers of the bowel, as well.

With gut health being so pivotal and influential over other areas of our wellbeing, creating a sustainable daily practice of digestion-supporting movement is key.