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6 Tips to Prepare for your Distance Reiki Session

Because of reiki’s ability to transcend space and time, this powerful energy healing technique can be shared regardless of the proximity between the practitioner and receiver. But how should you prepare for your session? Here are six tips to help you set the space to get the most out of your distance healing experience.

  1. Find a comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed for the duration of the session, including any debriefing chats with your practitioner before and after.
  2. Set the space with your favourite calming scents and sounds, such as fragrant candles and relaxing music. If you have sage, palo santo or similar, you are most welcome to cleanse the space using these. Preparing the space in this way can help your session feel even more special and infused with loving intention. 
  3. Recommended props include an eye mask, blanket and two pillows (one under your knees and another under your head can be a very comfortable position).
  4. Check in with yourself by reflecting on how you’ve been feeling recently: what’s been on your mind and in your body? Any worries or discomforts? Free-writing can help in calling matters of the subconscious to mind. If you’d like, you can discuss these things with your practitioner before the session. Reiki sessions are completely confidential.
  5. Have an open mind by letting go of any expectations or desires you may have for the session. What your conscious mind wants to heal may differ from what your subconscious mind needs to heal. Trust that the reiki energy will help you address what most needs to be healed at the time of your session. Remember that reiki works to balance all aspects of our being, so results may be subtle or unexpected.
  6. Address logistics. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and to use the toilet before your session. If you’d like for your session to be done over video chat, use a tripod (make-shift or otherwise) to set the camera up in a way that you are most comfortable with. It is not at all necessary for your practitioner to see you in order to send you distance healing, so please do whatever will allow you to be most comfortable during your session.