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What is Reiki?

Originating in Japan, reiki is an energy healing experience that supports physical, mental and spiritual balance. By helping us reach a deep meditative state, a reiki session activates the parasympathetic nervous system, prompting the body’s rest and digest mode to promote healing. As a receiver-driven practice, it seeks to address the needs you have at the time of your session; for example, it can meet anxiousness or distress with calm and comfort.

Reiki practitioners merely act as channels through which the reiki energy flows. They are, therefore, not the source of benefits that may arise from your session—rather, you are, as this universal life force reminds your body of what it is naturally capable: healing.


Living within us all, reiki transcends illusions of distance, such as those we perceive as caused by space and time. Because of this, reiki can be shared regardless of the proximity between the practitioner and receiver. Distance reiki actually tends to be stronger than its in-person counterpart, making a thirty-minute session approximately equivalent to an hour in-person session.


In-person reiki sessions offer the opportunity to go even deeper with your experience. They often take place in quiet and calm venues, and can even be held in the comfort of your own home. The practitioner may start with setting the space using cleansing scents and soothing sounds. Once you are in a comfortable seated or reclined position, the session commences with a short guided meditation. During the session, you may receive intuitive hand placements by the practitioner, either on or just above the body.

Reiki circles

Reiki circles are transformative group experiences in which the benefits of reiki are fused with those of community. The practitioner may start with a brief guided meditation, after which they will send the group reiki, giving each participant intuitive hand placements on or just above the body for a shared portion of the overall time. At the close, all are guided back as individuals and a collective. Closing with a reflective discussion, reiki circles can create a shared space for unblocking, opening and coming together.

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