Past, Present and Purpose: Marie Richtsfeld’s Journey to the Akashic Records

Imagine if every one of your soul’s thoughts, ideas and actions from all time were not only documented, but readily accessible. Tapping into these chronicles could give you invaluable insight to better align with your higher self and purpose. Speaking from a lifetime of energetic sensitivity, Marie Richtsfeld tells me that such logs do indeed exist.

I learn that they are of a higher dimension, one unbound by space and time. Known as the Akasha, Marie describes this dimension as “an ever expanding field of consciousness that permeates and surrounds all of us.” In tangible terms, she says the Akasha is similar to a library. The most extensive library one could ever attempt to imagine, it holds what is known as the Akashic Records of each and every soul.

Far beyond a single piece or even aspect of a soul’s journey, Marie reveals that the records contain “everything: all of the information, knowledge, actions and developments that have ever happened, are happening right now and will ever happen.” The records, however, offer more than mere information. When entering this library, Marie reveals, “you enter the door to higher consciousness and are immersed in the love, healing and connectedness that comprise the Akashic Records.” This marriage of receiving wisdom and experiencing oneness means that tapping into your records can transform your entire outlook on life.

Akashic Records 2
Thank you, Marie, for the images.

Marie’s own life has been rich with experiences that are inexplicable with the five basic senses. From the time she was a little girl, she received visitors and wisdom from beyond the veil. She grew to develop foresight that primarily helped her stay on track. In one instance, however, it urged her off the tracks completely.

“I lived in Texas for a while and had an American boyfriend,” she tells me when I ask her of key experiences that brought her to where she is today. “He wanted to show me a place he spent time during his childhood. To get there, we would have to walk over a railroad bridge above a huge river.” When she learned of their route, Marie was overcome with a strong sense that they would be confronted by a train should they proceed. Her boyfriend, however, assured her that trains no longer operated on the tracks. “So we went,” she recalls with a shake of the head.

They walked along the bridge with careful steps, the unsteady path made more precarious under the obscurity of night. Soon, Marie could see that they were over halfway across the bridge. Instead of feeling relief, however, her eyes suddenly squinted against a harshly bright light. In fact, it was the three headlights of an oncoming train.

With no time to turn back and no room to stay put, their only chance at survival would be to run forward, towards the train. In the race for their lives, seconds stretched and the rough, dark path threatened to take their footing. Just as the train screamed onto the bridge, they leapt off the tracks to the safety of a grassy knoll.

“I had seen those exact lights about a week before,” Marie remembers, before admitting that, in sweat-inducing distress, she had dismissed the vision as a bad dream. When the nightmare came true, however, she examined it along with her lifetime of messages, visions and experiences under a new light: “this must be coming from somewhere,” she resolved.

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Thank you, Marie, for the images.

Acknowledging the intentional nature of the messages and visions was the first step in learning about their source. Over the years that followed the train incident, Marie began to share the details of her mystical insights with friends, including the man who would later become her husband. “Martin had similar experiences that couldn’t be explained with the five senses,” she recalls of those early conversations. Their connection acted as the catalyst that would bring Marie, finally, to the Akashic Records.

Often conversing over metaphysical matters, one day Martin told Marie that he sensed a special library existed, one that contained all of a soul’s information, which they could access from the right frequency. Intrigued by the idea, the couple raised it with their energy worker, who not only confirmed that Martin was correct, as what he described was the Akashic Records. She also urged Marie to explore her ability to connect with the Akasha, sensing that she would be a gifted natural in reading the records it held.

Following the encouragement led Marie to undertake training at Energetiker Akademie, an experience she describes as mind-blowing. The course acted as a vessel of support and growth, teaching Marie how to better manage insights so that, instead of flooding in unexpectedly, she could invite them in with intention.

By strengthening her ability to call on her sixth sense in this way, Marie also strengthened her connection with herself. “The very basic need [for connecting with the records] is that I love myself,” Marie explains. The importance of self-love brought her to living a healthier, more balanced and more mindful lifestyle. This included developing a practice of checking in with herself before attempting to access the records: “I make sure that I feel self-love, good in my body and that my emotions are balanced.” This criteria helps her to be as pure and clear a channel as possible.

As her psychic development progressed, Marie began to more easily decipher between her own thoughts and the messages from beyond. Now, she can even see a difference when she is in a channelled state. “When I am connected [to the Akashic Records], I can see the energy [of life] everywhere, like a beautiful glittering web. Then I know that it’s not my mind chattering; it’s me channelling.” Reaffirming that connection, Marie says she also senses the energy on her physical body, describing it as feeling like the touch of “a gentle spider web.” Discovering the signs that she is connected, she says, was an important part of her process in gaining the confidence to offer readings to others.

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Thank you, Marie, for the images.

When reading for others, Marie cultivates a safe and nurturing space for them to explore their past, present and purpose. Helping them pose questions to their Akashic Records in a clear and ethical way, her warm guidance ensures that recipients get the most from their reading without overstepping any energetic boundaries. For example, when asking about relationships, Marie explains that “the focus [of the question] needs to be on [the recipient].” She will not relay questions that are solely about another person, as she does not enter anyone’s records without their expressed permission. Instead, she helps recipients formulate questions that enable them to obtain the information about themselves that they seek.

In the same spirit, Marie adds a protective intention to each question posed. “Some people are afraid of receiving an answer they can’t handle or aren’t yet ready for.” To prevent this, she infuses all questions with a simple qualifier: that the answer contains only what the recipient is ready to receive. Taking this measure, she confirms, allows for “everything that [she receives to be] based on what is good for [the recipient] to know now.”

Relaying the messages of their Akashic Records without colouring them with her own interpretations, Marie helps recipients turn hieroglyphics of uncertainty into shifted perspective on their lives. Empowering them to interpret how best to apply the messages to their lives, she helps expand their perspective beyond the subjective view of the ego in which many of us can find ourselves stuck.

By extension, Marie often sees an immediate change in those to whom she gives readings. While many come to her lost in self-doubt, they leave emboldened with the knowledge that they have the power to take the reins of their lives. “That’s the biggest transformation that I experience in many readings: people start to realise that life is not happening to them, but they are life.” This expanded awareness, Marie concludes, emphasises the loving nature of the Akashic Records: “with a reading, you can understand that life is always for you, not against you; the Universe is always helping you thrive.”

Marie’s connecting to herself reinforces her connection with the Akashic Records. Thank you, Marie, for the images.
Marie and Martin set up for a collaborative Akashic sound experience; thank you, Marie, for the images.

Based in Ubud, Bali, Marie provides readings both remotely and in-person. Working with her husband, Martin, she also co-creates transformative Akashic journeys fused with sound healing, many of which they hold at Pyramids of Chi. In May 2020, Marie and Martin launched their first series of online courses, which teach people how to connect with their intuition, spirit guides and Akashic Records. They are also co-creators of the Modern Mystics Collective, an online platform that provides resources and community to enrich the practice of self-discovery and expanding awareness.

To find out more about Marie, her offerings or to book a reading, visit her online at the links below. From August 2020, you can also become a certified Akashic Records reader through the Collective’s new Level 1 course, held remotely and co-taught by Marie. 

Disclaimer: this article was written in exchange for an Akashic Records reading with Marie.